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yrh Mornings

A 5:30 am online morning club to become

younger richer happier

For those who want to put
Abundance, Health & Success on autopilot every day 

What is yrh Mornings?

YRH Mornings is a 6:00 am morning tribe for people who want to live an abundant lifestyle with ease. By abundant lifestyle, we mean more time, energy, money, success and loving relationships. All this is achieved by experiencing 40 minutes of simple yet powerful rituals every day. One just needs to come and sit. We get these powerful rituals done through our members. Experience a deep and long-lasting transformation and spiritual awakening through ancient wisdom combined with modern living.

 In today’s fast-paced and competitive lifestyle we face challenges like

- Living a monotonous and busy life

- Doing work that we don't love

- Unable to come out of mounting debts

- Doing lot of hard work and get very less incremental results

- Lack consistency in following powerful habits that keep us healthy, wealthy and happy

- Unable to cope up with continuous exposure to stress, anxiety and uncertainty

- Bombarded and confused with self development rituals to implement in our life

- Confused on which healthy lifestyle style to follow

- Start with all the enthusiasm and fizzle out in middle leaving our resolutions incomplete

- Keep suppressing our emotions, problems and mistakes

Why yrh Mornings?


Power Packed 40 minutes

Rocket fuel for the 1440 minutes

(24 hrs) of your day


Bridge the Conscious &

the Subconscious

Create miraculous breakthroughs with a daily 40-minute morning routine


Harness the Morning Spiritual Energy

Harness  morning Prana/Chi/Life-force/Ojas energy with a daily 

40-minute routine 


Tune into Circadian Rhythm

Regulate master body clock to reset body rhythm, release melanin & cortisol 


Discover the Success Code

DIscover one thing that Athletes, Artists, Billionaires, Creative Geniuses, Spiritual Gurus & successful people have in common


Balance, Heal and Prosper 

Grow physical, emotional, mental, social,

financial and spiritual well-being

What you Expect from yrh Mornings?

  • Get more accomplished in a day

  • Feel energetic throughout the day

  • Wake up early with ease

  • Start your day with powerful practices to program your subconscious mind

  • Align your thought and actions to your goals

  • Enjoy your journey to achieve your goals with ease and smoothness

  • Build strong, loving and supportive relations at work, home and social circles

  • Build new and powerful habits that you always wanted to

  • Experience a renewed and vibrant health

  • Heal your body with nature and ancient wisdom

  • Break your upper limit of health, money and happiness

  • Meditate better with ease

  • Release your past baggage, patterns and limitations with ease and smoothness

  • Align your life to spiritual awakening

Science Behind 5:30 am?

Research has shown that we lose the connection between the conscious and subconscious at an early age. The senses become more active and external distractions start grabbing our attention. The world becomes so busy, fast-paced, and stressful that we keep ourselves stuck at the conscious level. Thus, making our lives a repeating pattern. We start living by default and not by design. Now, because our subconscious may not align with the conscious after an early age, we start using just 10 to 20% of our power for anything that we want to change or achieve in life.

The morning is where the magic begins. Early morning is the gateway to the subconscious mind for that it is when most active. When you first wake up in the morning, the brain operates at very low brain frequency, and the conscious mind is not dominant. In this time window, when the subconscious is receptive and the conscious is off guard, the most powerful work of priming the subconscious can be done. 

YRH mornings are designed to optimize this time window to realign the conscious with the subconscious to set you up for abundance, health, and success.

YRH Mornings

The yrh Tribe Rituals

  • Tune into the 7 elemental forces of nature every morning

  • Master the powerful rituals that the ancient spiritual masters and yogis practiced

  • Remove all the negative Imprints from DNA and Toxic flush from your body and energy field daily

  • Fire & wire Mirror neurons through group consciousness

  • Rewire the brain and subconscious mind to be in boundless energy, abundance, and happiness

  • Enhance and sharpen your brain's results creating ability in any area of your life daily

  • Get customized Lifestyle ideas & products to become younger, richer & happier

YRH Club

Monthly Subscription Plans

Every day 5.30 am to 6.15 am
Online immersive experience

Monthly Subscription

 1-month subscription fee

per person



(per person per month)

  • One Zoom login for daily Live Session

  • Access to all recorded sessions on a private platform

  • Access to a private community group for interactions and content sharing 

Quarterly Subscription

3 months subscription fee

per person


(3-months 15% discount)

  • Single Zoom login for both members for daily Live Session

  • Access to all recorded sessions on a private platform

  • Access to a private community group for interactions and content sharing 

Bi-Annual Subscription

 6 months subscription fee

per person


(6-months 25% discount)

  • Single Zoom login for all three members for daily Live Session

  • Access to all recorded sessions on a private platform

  • Access to a private community group for interactions and content sharing 

Annual Subscription

 12 months subscription fee

per person


(12-months 30% discount)

  • Single Zoom login for all three members for daily Live Session

  • Access to all recorded sessions on a private platform

  • Access to a private community group for interactions and content sharing 

Avail 3 gift sessions with yrh Mornings

*For group subscription please contact us on +91-8591622431 or write at

Key Features

19497ee9c7c023be7a34d79d7e0145e9 (1).jpg

Daily Online Session 


Daily Recording Available


Experience New Ritual Every Day


Participants joining from India, US, Canada, Australia and Dubai


400+ participants attended till now


Learn More than 300 tools and techniques

Who Should Join?








Coaches and Trainers

What Our Participants Say About yrh Mornings

It's been only one month since I am part of YRH, and I feel I have found the best community of like minded spiritual beings who wants to experiment and explore to go to higher state consciousness. I have not only become more present in day-to-day activities but also give space to any situation, incident or person thus helping awareness to arise! Kudos to team yrh Mornings for putting forth their creative ideas in every session. Great team work! I truly and strongly recommend everyone to be part of this community as its more easier and effective for our own spiritual journey when we are with group consciousness.

Deepa Gangadhar

Software Team Lead,

Bangalore (India)

Human being needs air, water, food and shelter for surviving however since I joined YRH I feel like YRH is my topmost need to survive younger richer and happier in my life❤️

Since I started YRH, due to empowering questions during tapping, I have seen miraculous results in me and my family.

By keeping the camera on every day, through the group consciousness, my mind gets all the answers for each and every question every day without mentioning anything to YRH team and the necessary empowering topics are getting covered for me automatically 🤗That energy for the day through YRH is like a mental power boost for me every day.

Hemangi Kale
Senior Client Officer,
Dept. of Justice ,Sydney (Australia)

Circulation has definitely started in my life in terms of money and relations. As I look back, I have learnt a lot in Computer Science technologies in just few months. This is something I was not very much flexible or comfortable with earlier.

Also, I practice some rituals even after morning sessions. While working from home, whenever I feel some work-related pressure, I do energy shift rituals and I feel more balanced after this. I easily snap out of the negative thoughts using some thought meditations like DDG & surrendering which helps me a lot.

You guys are never short of new tools, techniques and I’m looking forward to more YRH mornings. ☀️😀🤝

Avinash Dige
Software Professional,
Pune (India)



Mob. +91-8591622431 



101, Marathon Maxima, LBS Rd,

Mulund (W), Mumbai - 400080,

Maharashtra, India.

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00



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